"It was an energizing experience to see so much passion for EVs in one place!"
John Snyder, EV Infrastructure, Ford Motor Company

"The show is important so we can meet our clients and see what they are looking into, see what our competitors are doing, and mainly to build our relationship with our customers."
Sebastian Milan, Product Marketing Manager Powertrain Systems, Valeo

"You can see the momentum moving, an energy in the hall, a sense of urgency that they have got to decrease cost and energy density. We saw people coming in with plans and leaving with purchase orders."
Jeff Norris, CEO, Paraclete Energy Inc

"The show has been really good, we have enjoyed meeting lots of new people and meeting lots of companies that we've known for a while. We are excited to see both the trends and the growth in the EV space."
Jorge Diaz Schneider, Global Product Manager, LORD

"So far it's been really good! I've met a lot of really interesting companies that supply materials for applications"
Christopher Baldwin, Product Development Engineer, Ford Motor Company

"It's been my first time at the show, it's been non-stop since the show opened at 9:30am this morning, a lot of future customers and suppliers for us here"
Alia Pierce, Project Management Specialist, Continental Engineering Services

"Thanks for a good show, we have had a lot of strategic conversations, and good interactions with potential suppliers."
NEC Energy Solutions

"Thank you for a great show, The Battery Show never ceases to amaze us in that it seems to evolve with the market every year!"
Joseph Xavier, Director of Marketing, Nuvation Energy

"This is the first time we have been exhibiting at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, it has been a great experience!"
Manoj Karwa, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Clean Wave Technologies

"It’s been great, it’s grown even more since last year, it’s my fourth consecutive year exhibiting at the show and I’m very pleased."
Christian Mainegra, Sales Engineer, Fujipoly America

"We’ve connected with a lot of people and the industry is really taking off and it shows by the people here"
Paul Cholewa, Senior Technical Advisor, MEDATech Engineering

"Fantastic show, lots of depth of suppliers here, right down to component manufacturers, thermal dissipation, all the way up to charging systems and electric drivetrains – really good!"
Graeme Harfman, Director of Product Management, Delta-Q Technologies

"I've been attending for over 5 years now, and this is the most-attended show I've ever been to. There is a lot of standing room only, some of the new technology is interesting"
Andrew Mays, Product Manager, Ulbrich Specialty Strip Mill

"I'm so impressed with how it's grown and how the dimensions of it has expanded"
Steven Ruth, Global Sales - Li-ion Tamer, Nexceris